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10 reasons why you should take those you have influence with on a Short Term Mission trip.



You give them an opportunity to …

1. Obey the great commission and take the good news to “all the world”.

2. See God do miracles to supply the necessary means to take the gospel to others.

3. Have their worldview grow through exposure to how others live and relate to God.

4. Build strong bonds of friendship in order to serve God together back home.

5. Develop a stronger commitment to world missions by praying, giving and going as a

result of being spoken to by the Holy Spirit while being on the field.

6. Help missionaries on the field accomplish their long-term goals and projects.

7. In practical ways, express the love of God to people who are without it and need to experience it.

8. Transfer head knowledge to life experience as they minister to others.

9. Share their special skills and gifts to help others.

10. Learn new things about God by being in a different environment with unique experiences.

Can you think of additional reasons? What did you learn on a short term mission trip?


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Here are two words that come to mind...

Sacrifice and obedience.

Webster’s Dictionary

Sacrifice, anything given up for the sake of others.

Obedience, submission to authority; doing what one is told.

I believe in order to receive more of God we must sacrifice more of our time to His purpose. We must open up more of us to receive more of Him.

I also believe it is out of obedience that we give of our time to further God's kingdom.

Have you ever gone on a men or women’s retreat that you really didn’t care about going on? But you came back a changed person, on fire for God. And the relationships that you built are still some of the best.

Tom, I will be praying about taking a trip, and if it is God’s will, I will be obedient. And I would love nothing more than to sacrifice my time to help someone less fortunate.

Keep up the good work, Tom!

Mark Grisham

In January of 2008 I went on my first adult mission trip. Destination Cofradia, Mexico to build a church! It wasn't my idea, but I really felt God calling me to go. After I heard about the trip in October 2007, the hints started coming. I told our missions team at church that I felt God calling me, but I didn't feel it was possible for me to go. I couldn't afford it, I had never been on a mission trip, I don't have a passport, I have a wonky leg, I don't speak Spanish etc. God didn't let up! It was November and I hadn't slept properly for a week because I knew if I was going I needed to pay a $500.00 deposit by the end of the month. I finally Let go and let God!

I said, "God, if you want me to go, you find me the $500.00." The very next day, I received a letter saying that an investment had matured and what did I want to do with it? You guessed it! It was for $500.00! Next I knew that I couldn't go anywhere without a passport. I was warned I could wait hours in line to get one. I went there early one day and when I got to the passport office there was no lineup, in fact I was in and out in less than three minutes and had my passport in 10 days. This was just the start of the chain of miracles. For example I got an $850.00 brace for my knee for free, people were supporting me financially and many more miracles! I think my greatest concern was that I wouldn't be very useful on a job site. God took care of that too. As it turned out there were jobs to fit everyones abilities and talents. There were 17 adults on our team and it was a wonderful way to bond with each other and especially to God and His people! I am looking forward to another short term mission trip in the future!


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