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As a mission leader I can relate to the image Verizon Wireless has developed of what it takes to be effective. It takes a team. The bigger the vision, project or commitment the larger your team needs to be. I talk to a lot of people who are interested in becoming a missionary. One of the first things I do is "look" to see who they have around and behind them. Having been in missions 30+ years now I have learned how important it is to have a "team"... a "network". I have watched a lot of people come and go. One of the key factors in longevity has been the level of success people have had at building a team. Many times God inspires an individual with a "vision" but to accomplish the task God uses groups. It is a team "body" thing God has got going. 

As you consider your next project think about your team. Who do you need with you? Are you sharing your "vision" in such a way as to build a team?

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Great advice Tom. Love the verizon metaphor . . .

How right you are, Tom. And how important it is that your team grasps and feels your vision the way you do. This is my difficulty, trying to get people to understand the vision and own it.

In my ministry I need supporters that have a heart to help the hurting.

Example: A client came in yesterday her husband of 14 months has kicked her out of their house and doesn't want anything to do with her. She is 22 weeks pregnant. She is a believer and he is not. And one of the first things she tells us is the fact that she has no money. And of course our reply to that was, "it is not about the money and we want to help you." As we seem to tell everyone during this difficult time.

Tom, I know how to build a team but how do you infect them with the vision? Especially when you are needing their financial support?

Tom, Good thought provoking words!

When I think of teamwork I think of projects that I have been involved in. Projects that I would never consider taking on by myself, yet when I joined a team I felt empowered to do some small part. I think of last year when I helped build a church in Cofradia, Mexico. When the adult mission trip was first announced and I felt God calling me to go, I thought what can I do? When I realized that God wasn't going to quit "nagging" me to go, I started thinking about what I could do, if I went. When I did go I discovered there were plenty of jobs requiring all levels of skill. I worked hard and really felt my contribution was a vital part of the end result. Last summer I also had a chance to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and wondered again how helpful I would be until I found out that besides construction workers they also need "kitchen help" to feed the many volunteers. Since that is my forte' I accepted the challenge and enjoyed it so much that I volunteered again this year. My point being that we may be just one puzzle piece, but when we link together we can create the big picture!


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