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Pray/Go/Give is a winning formula for making a difference and enriching our lives.

It is amazing how fast life can go bye and we are left looking back and wondering how we could have done life better. Let me offer a way of thinking about how to spend your life that will be helpful, productive and meaningful.

Pray - Prayer is the place were God shares His heart, His plan, and the inspiration needed to take action. Make a habit of spending time asking God what you can do to make a difference with your time, talents, and resources.  As we pray we are compelled to GO.

Go - Go means a change of location. I am talking locally and internationally. Crossing cultures and changing geographic locations enables us to learn things that we could never learn in our own world. If you want to know the joy of  life go out and give yourself away to others. As we share ourselves we gain from what we experience. As we go we are compelled to GIVE.

Give - Sharing from our "treasure" helps us gain new wealth that personal possessions can't match. To direct our resources in such a way as to make a difference in this world is a powerful expression of what we say we believe. As we give we are compelled to PRAY and the cycle repeats itself.

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Your life is an example to follow! Blessings on you, your family, and God's ministry through you!

In our ministry I have realized that none of this is about me. It is all about doing what God tells me to do and when He tells me to do it...

The day before Thanksgiving I was sitting in a parking lot crying and fussing at God. I told Him, "You told me to do what I am doing and yet you don't provide for me and my family." No sooner than that left my mouth I received a text from a lady at our church and it said something to this nature..."My husband and I wanted to thank you for what your doing, and we love you." It was short but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I am feeling sorry for myself and I get a thank you from this family that just lost two of their parents, a brother to cuicide, a niece that was murdered by a boyfriend. And she takes the time to write me and thank ME for what were doing.

I got done crying and walked inside the UPS store where I had a mail box, but due to financial reasons I had concelled it. I asked the girl that worked there if she happened to have any mail for me and she said yes. I carried out what I thought was a bunch of garbage and as I sat there in my car once again, I found three donations totaling $280.00. This was the amount I needed to pay for my last car payment.

Needless to say, I was on the line with God asking Him to forgive me once again.

Everyone of us has a ministry and if you are not sure what yours is...Meet up with Tom, or commit to do one of these ministries, like helping build a home for the less fortunate or helping with the skate park...God will use you and you will NEVER be the same. And if you are not sure, step out in faith and watch how God uses you!

This life is a short one and we need to be ready for God's work.

Blessings on you and your family,
Mark Grisham
If you can change the heart of a father and save a marriage, then we have saved another mother and child from pain. Reach a man, gain a family!mg

Mary - I have you to thank for so much. My first days as a Christ follower were affected by you and your role of speaking into my life and standing with us over the years has been so important...thank you!

Mark - Hold on to your vision. God is faithful. Obedience is more important than the things we possess. In the "dark" days the true "light" will shine.

Thanks for the note and all that u do for the kingdom of GOD. Please keep Sheri and I in your prayers, we think GOD's calling us to return to college and work on r missionary schooling. Sheri has a businees degrees and school teacher credentials, she super w/ the kids, and I am a retired navy jet mechanic w/ building experencerwe met at an habitat for humanity project in hanford Calif 8 years ago. We r close to being debt free, bit still lack the funds for school. We r currently driving long haul truck acrross country.Thx Loe


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