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2009's Top 10 - Anticipating in 2010

Before I get started let me point you to a worthy New Years Resolution (make that a life resolution).

I hope you are ending the year on top of and not under life's circumstances. All things considered; I am feeling surprisingly pleased about the year for several reasons. Here are my collected thoughts...

2009's Top 10: (in no particular order)

  1. Time with grandkids - being a grandparent was the most enjoyable part of life this year.
  2. Launching Dwellings and building homes for needy families.
  3. "Finding my voice" posting to the Pray/Go/Give blog.
  4. Overseeing and retooling Alternative Missions.
  5. Launching the new Alternative Missions website
  6. More than surviving - mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  7. Working with amazing people doing amazing things.
  8. Successfully "Passing the Baton" in Helene. Go team Helene!
  9. Enjoying and appreciating Linnea my wonderful wife.
  10. Losing some weight and paying more attention to going into the future with a commitment to better health.

Anticipating and Planning in 2010: (again; in no particular order)

  1. Continuing to oversee Alternative Missions.
  2. Launch new ministries that fit the Alternative Missions culture, purpose and goals.
  3. Personally building homes and changing lives through Dwellings - getting my hands dirty...join me!
  4. Coaching others in ministry and life as opportunities present themselves.
  5. Meeting new people as ministry leads to new opportunities.
  6. Writing / Blogging
  7. Learning to use social media in a productive way - networking, coaching/mentoring, mobilizing.
  8. Developing and mobilizing the "Hackett Mission Support Team".
  9. Managing life as national and international events unfold - not totally sure what that means.
  10. Being surprised by God's direction and provision which never gets old.

Is this the year you join me on a mission trip or support one of our many efforts by praying, going or giving? I hope so! I can't think of a better way to spend 2010.

What are your reflections on 2009 or anticipating in 2010?


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