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Youth - Preparing for a Life in Missions

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I am speaking at a couple of youth groups in Seattle over the next couple of weeks during their mission emphasis. Here is my outline. With 55 years of life and 25+ years of missions experience I have plenty of illustrations to choose from. I am not sure how much I will get to or in what order but I thought this might make interesting discussion. I can use your help if you have anything to add…please do.


Luke 2:52 - Jesus "hidden" years between age 12 - 30? How might we use those years to prepare for ministry or a career in missions?


"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."


Wisdom - learned about truth and it's application to life.

  • How is your environment, culture, region affecting your ability to understand truth?

Stature - physical development

  • Learned to manage his body - self control, eat, drink, exercise, sexuality

Relationship with God 

  • Learn the word, communication (prayer), God's voice, exercise faith (attempt great things for God…it is something you learn)
  • Learn the art of contemplation ("full or deep consideration; reflection")

Relationship with Men

  • Develop quality relationships (Jesus & John the Baptist)  They are critical to forming your values. Marry well! It makes all the difference
  • Learn how to team, cooperate, and serve  
  • Learn how to work
  • Develop a network

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Email - a successful life in missions is directly related to your ability to network.

Join Blogs that can serve as training and mentoring relationships

Pray, Go, Give    There many quality blogs and networks. - read and ask questions.


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That's a great outline Tom! I'd love to be one of those youth you're sharing it with! Good stuff and thanks for sharing!


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