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Facebook and Mission Networking

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Facebook is a GREAT way to network and involve people in your life and mission. 


In the past 25+ years since I have been in missions communications has changed ALOT. I have gone from expensive and time consuming quarterly "regular mail" newsletters to emailed newsletters to instant and free communication via Twitter and Facebook that allow video, audio, and a variety of other content. For now I can't think of a better way to stay connected. While other communication tools should not be abandoned and personal time with folks is always best Facebook is quickly becoming the medium of choice for those you want to be in touch with. 


Facebook has a plethora of tools, features and applications. It is important to be strategic and thoughtful about how you develop your Facebook site as a missions networking tool. There is a lot to be said on this subject. In this opening round I will limit myself to a few thoughts and links. 


Some do's:

Get started ... Now.

  • Wall - post often, educate, and inspire people.

  • Info - post appropriate personal and mission related content.

  • Photos - think before you post. How do your photos enhance your mission?

  • Links - find content that is helpful and share it. 

  • Video - this is a powerful medium I need to develop.

  • Notes - this can work in the place of a blog.

  • Email -  someday this might be the only email tool you will need.


Some don’ts:

  • Wall - Don’t fill it with farmville and mafia wars game posts and expect to be taken seriously.

  • Info - Clean it up!

  • Picture - Limit the “party” with friends and restaurant photos and post some photos of needs and ministry.

  • Email - spare the world your personal comments to others by making use of the email tool. I think it is weird and creepy when people make personal comments to their wife or someone they live in the same house with on their wall.  Get a room and realize people don’t want to read that stuff.


If you have a FB page and want to use it for communicating about missions go through and clean up your existing FB site. Make sure your accomplishing what you want with your content. 

You may want to consider starting a fan page or cause for your ministry content:   I prefer the cause application over the fan page.

My Cause:  “Hackett Mission Support Team”


Solicit "Friends": I am always looking to add friends so whenever I speak or am representing Alternative Missions somewhere I ask people to add me as a friend on Facebook. I like to have a sign up sheet available asking for people's name, email and whether or not they are on Facebook or Twitter.


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Join the conversation. What works for you?


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