Roatan, Honduras - Winston & Michelle

Michelle James was born April 25th, 1978. She is 32 years old and currently lives in West End, Roatan. She was born in Flowers Bay and was promptly given to her grandmother for her to raise. Her grandmother took Michelle to La Ceiba, Honduras on the mainland where Michelle was raised in a loving, nurturing environment. She was brought up in the church and given every good opportunity. However, the time she had with her grandmother was short lived. Her grandmother moved to the United States when Michelle was still fairly young and Michelle was forced to return to Roatan to live with her family.

Michelle's mother was an addict and abusive. She used to beat Michelle with extension chords and force her to do all sorts of laborious tasks. Ultimately, Michelle was the 3rd eldest of 10 children and her lot in the family's life was to raise the younger siblings. Michelle was not allowed to attend school, but instead she became the Cinderella of the household. Michelle's father was a fisherman and was arrested in Haiti during an excursion. He was placed in a Haitian jail and held for 5 years. By the time he returned, Michelle's life had taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

Fed up with the constant abuse, Michelle left home and lived in the jungles and beaches on the island. She depended on the kindness of others for food and work. At the age of 17 she met a young man and became pregnant with her first child. However, 1 week later, she was brutally raped at knife point by 5 young men in the community of French Harbor. Life continued to be a series of pain and hardship for Michelle. She lived as an outcast, working hard to raise a baby at a very young age.

Then one day she met a man named Winston James. Winston fell in love with Michelle and had her move in with his family. Winston himself worked off island, but made sure that Michelle and her child were taken care of. When Winston returned to Roatan, Michelle and Winston were married. It was soon after this that they welcomed another child into their home. In addition to Michelle's beautiful son North, Winston and Michelle had a girl named Nayeli. Eventually, Winston and Michelle had 3 more children, Gisele, Nigel and Ariel. With 5 kids in an already crowded house, life began to take a turn for the worse.

Michelle began to live out the example of her own mother whom she loathed. Michelle would leave home and her children and ease her anger and pain with drugs and alcohol. One day, while she was out, she ran in to Sandi Silseth, a local missionary working with HRGS radio in Gravel Bay. Sandi took time to share with Michelle about Gods love and Michelle really took her words to heart. It wasn't long before God got a hold of Michelle's life and turned all of that pain, hurt and anger into love. Michelle has become a beacon in her community and is now using her faith in Christ to reach others who are dealing with many of the same issues she fought through.

Michelle, Winston and their 5 children currently live in West End in a small rented home. They have recently been given a piece of property just outside of West End where they one day hope to build a home. Winston works as a water taxi driver from West End to West Bay. Their children are all attending school, (except Ariel who is only 2) and are growing in their knowledge and faith in the Lord.

Children's Names and Ages
North James - 13
Nayeli James - 9
Gisele James - 7
Nigel James - 5
Ariel Madison James - 2









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